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We build a range of systems both 12/24v and 240v…

Using Reverse Osmosis in Fresh Water

When to Use A Reverse Osmosis System in Fresh Water

Fresh water creeks and rivers in Australia can look nice and fresh, even pristine, and high in the hills you may find the water is perfectly safe to drink at different times of the year. Recently we were visiting just […]

TDS Reverse Osmosis Tester

Reverse Osmosis and Totally Dissolved Solids

Understanding Reverse Osmosis and Totally Dissolved Solids Readings. You will use your totally dissolved solids meter to test the water often throughout the reverse osmosis water making process. This informs you weather the reverse osmosis watermaker is working as intended […]

Reverse Osmosis Water Source Water Temperature

Reverse Osmosis and How it is Affected by Source Water Temperature

Reverse osmosis watermaker systems are generally rated at 25°C. Variations in temperature influence a reverse osmosis watermakers performance for two reasons. Water viscosity changes at different temperatures; the cooler water gets the viscosity (stickiness) of the water increases. The reverse […]

About H2O on the Go

Our goal at H2O on the Go is to design and manufacture the most affordable and portable watermakers on the market.
Our Attention to detail is second to none, every watermaker is manufactured in Australia by one person from start to finish.
We provide direct and personalised support to our customers and have extensive experience and knowledge in desalination systems.

The Worlds Most Affordable Watermakers

Now you can stay for a long as you like…..

Comments from Our Customers

  • Mike Annear, F-9AX Trimaran Tropicbird

    After 3 months of sailing around Darwin, I am now living on the boat on lake Macquarie NSW. Your watermaker is still going strong!

  • Robin and Diane on board SV Sortilege

    We have been using this amazing water-maker desalinator for just over a year on board our catamaran which we live on permanently. We have been very impressed with its easiness to set up, reliability, and quality of the drinking water it produces [even from brown river water]. We run this unit in conjunction with our Honda 2kva generator and after an hour and ten minutes of running we have 8o litres of pure drinking water that tastes as good as or better than rain water. It comes with easy to follow instructions and the team at H20 On The Go have always responded to any of our questions or queries promptly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this unit to anyone who wants to be independent on Marina’s or Caravan Parks to get their safe drinking water

  • Renato Daniele, Eco Synergy Developments PTY LTD

    I’m in the midst of a desalination research project, focused on sustainable building materials derived from seawater. A unique material, sustainably sourced, made reactive without carbon admissions, opposed to current Industry practice. I purchased a desalination unit from Jo & Pete to conduct my research and found their input plus the quality of the desalination unit to be impeccable. Would Highly recommend their equipment/service for any application, with the peace of mind their after sale backup is second to none… A pleasure to deal with!

  • Edjargo Marine, Fremantle WA

    Mate we are absolutely wrapped with the desal unit you supplied our vessel and will be highly recommending them to all our fellow owner/operators! Cheers!

  • Keith Jo Dellow, F.V. Mary Jane

    We could not be happier with our H2O on the Go watermaker

More Reasons to Love H2O on the Go Watermakers


Industry Standard

We use only industry standard membranes, so you can get replacements in any country.

316 Stainless Steel

We use only marine grade 316 stainless steel manufactured in Germany.

Quick Set-up

Our portable systems are ready to run out of the box and can be set up and running in 10 minutes.

Modular Systems

Units can be purchased as a modular system for installation in a boat or a vehicle.

Quick Dismantle

Our portable systems have 316 stains steel drip free quickconnects for easy disconnection of membranes for storage.

Personalized Support

Every situation is unique, we make ourselves available when you need it most.

USA Manufactured High Pressure Pumps

Our pumps are manufactured for a harsh seawater environment out of 316 stainless steel with ceramic plungers.

Long Life Membranes

Our membranes are rated for 3 years 24/7 use, that is about 26,000 hours.

Solid Construction

Our portable systems are built into a solid, but light weight box, no plastic.

Reverse Osmosis News

Keep up with what we are up to and changes in the Reverse Osmosis Industry…

Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Our Concept for Building The Best Reverse Osmosis Desalination Watermakers

The H2O on the Go® Reverse Osmosis Desalination Watermaker is kept simple, so that it is easy to use and most importantly reliable. The H2O on the Go® reverse osmosis (RO) watermakers start at 12 litres per hour and goes […]

240v 2.4hp 240 LPH Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

Our top of the range 240v 2.4hp 240 LPH reverse osmosis desalination watermaker is for people who want a system that is still able to be carried by two people and makes a heap of water at a small price. […]

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